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Survival Toolkit

Outdoor Survival Kit


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Outdoor Survival Kit

The Must-Have Outdoor Survival Toolkit


These paragraph accessories include the following:

  • 1x a disinfection blade
  • 1x sewing needle
  • 1x the fire package
  • 1x aluminum foil
  • 2x of alcohol cotton
  • 2x band-Aid
  • 2x fish Hooks
  • 2x Lead fall
  • 2x connectors
  • 2x Float
  • 5m fishing line
  • 1x Whistle
  • 1x multi-function tool card
  • 1x mini flashlight
  • 1x line saw
  • 2x buckle needle
  • 2x paper clip















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Black, Brown, Camo, Green


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