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Fishing Lures with Tackle Box 140pcs/Set


  • Feel the pure joy of fishing with these must-have fishing lures 🐟🐟
  • It would be much better if you go out there with your family!!! 😉😉
  • 🎣Happy Fishing!!!🎣
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Fishing Lures with Tackle Box 140pcs/Set


  • 80 pcs Mixed Color Curly Tail Maggot Grub Worm
  • 20 pcs Earthworm Soft Bait
  • 20 pcs shrimp Soft Bait
  • 20 pcs insect Soft Bait
  • 1 pcs Tackle Box
  • Material: Soft plastic rubber
  • 140 pcs approximately, 13cm*7cm*3cm
  • Color: Mixed Color. ( We will try to send you as many colors as available.)
  • Packing: Bubbles Bag.
  • Application: Sea fishing, Freshwater fishing — Rock fishing, Stream fishing, Ice fishing, Boat fishing.



1. Vivid Lifelike Simulation Artificial Maggot Grub Worm – Perfect Swimming Movement.

2. Super Attractive to All kinds of Fishes, Especially to the Carp Fish.

3. Sanitary & Environmental Material — Multiple times Usage, No need to dirt your hand to deal with real Worms, No need to Kill worms.



Tackle Box with Lures











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