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  • Here’s How to Design and Organize an Easy and Practical Camp Kitchen 2017-10-10
    You’ve finished setting up your tent, inflating air mattresses and collecting wood for the fire. Now you’re ready to settle down in a camp chair and enjoy some fireside chow. Or, like many campers, you dread the idea of having to cook in the great outdoors. The delicious aromas of dutch oven chili and grilled […]
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Canoe and Kayak Camping 2017-10-03
    Few camping experiences match that of loading up your canoe or kayak and embarking on an overnight trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re paddling down a river, through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (home to over 1,000 lakes), or along the coastline – canoe and kayak camping is hard to beat. Imagine it with me […]
  • It’s Time to Give in to the Madness of Ultralight Camping 2017-10-03
    The allure of ultralight camping comes from the freedom of traveling deeper into the wilderness with less on your back as well as an almost psychotic desire to cut ounces. Ultralight backpackers are open to admitting to their OCD and the creation of the perfect bag is part of the compulsion. It’s a process of […]
  • Spark Your Kids Interest with a Backyard Camping Adventure 2017-09-12
    The American youth are at an incredible risk. This is due in large part to the growing divide between their everyday lives and the natural world Children today spend an average of 6 hours each day in front of the computer and TV but less than 4 minutes a day in unstructured outdoor play. (Chesapeake […]

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  • ACCURION™ riflescope from FUJIFILM 2017-11-01
    Introducing the new lightweight and high performance ACCURION™ riflescope from FUJIFILM. The FUJIFILM FUJINON name is synonymous with performance and quality—and sets the standard for many markets and applications in the sports optics arena. The ACCURION is no different. FUJIFILM ACCURION represents an outstanding combination of advanced optical design and high-tech manufacturing. Beautifully crafted and engineered […]
  • 3 TOPS Knives Born in the Jungle 2017-11-01
    If you have been following TOPS Knives in the last few years, you’ve probably heard of Bushcraft Global. It is a company run by Joe Flowers that takes people on an unforgettable adventure into the Amazon jungle. Anyone can go, and the price tag is quite reasonable considering what you’ll experience down there. One of […]
  • VersaClimber 2017-11-01
    Build your cardio for life’s next outdoor experience with VersaClimber. A VersaClimber cardio workout, delivers one of the most effective ways to burn ugly fat & calories. Why? because unlike treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and spin bikes the VersaClimber is a “true” total body, vertical workout by actively engaging all major muscle groups: arms, shoulders, back, […]
  • The Relief Products 2017-11-01
    Are you tired of that constant ringing, buzzing, chirping, or discomfort and sensitivity in your ears? If you’re ready to finally have some peace and quiet, Try the Relief Products Award-winning Ring ReliefÒ Ear Drops and Fast Dissolving TabletsÔ. These homeopathic products are specially designed with natural ingredients to help calm and alleviate discomfort caused […]

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  • Win a wild food weekend in Scotland 2017-11-14
    Win the incredible chance to learn all about wild foods and foraging and stay in the beautiful country estate of Gartmore House in Scotland. It's a free-to-enter competition just for Campfire Mag readers. read more The post Win a wild food weekend in Scotland appeared first on Campfire Magazine.
  • Christmas gifts for campers and outdoorsy types 2017-11-13
    What do you buy the camper in your life for Christmas? What do you put on your own present wishlist? Have a look at these lovely ideas – from motorhome Lego to a portable camp washing 'machine'. read more The post Christmas gifts for campers and outdoorsy types appeared first on Campfire Magazine.
  • Wild camping with minimal kit – it’s bivvy marvellous! 2017-10-27
    Sometimes you just want to escape! Thinking about wild camping can be more fun than the actual experience…unless you get the equipment right. There’s no better way to enjoy it than taking minimum kit and a reliable bivvy bag or hammock. read more The post Wild camping with minimal kit – it’s bivvy marvellous! appeared […]
  • Lightweight walking boots – our best buys 2017-10-26
    Now the Brashers have let us down, which hiking or walking boots should we buy? We've been tramping in the Lake District to find the lightest, waterproof boots. Found them too! read more The post Lightweight walking boots – our best buys appeared first on Campfire Magazine.