Campwill was founded in the summer of 2011 by two brothers and a friend who shared the same desire for adventure, travel and healing as they began to run their own camping and water-sport business.

From the beginning to the mid-year, we focused mainly on providing camping sites, camping equipment rental and water-sport services. Based on our experience in running camping business, now we’ve decided to focus on producing and selling camping equipment. We will continue to diversify our product lines from now on.


We make Campwill an excellent company to produce and supply high-quality outdoor goods, and even if the company grows, we will not compromise on our principles. The following three principles are the criteria by which we can determine whether our decisions are appropriate.


  • We provide high-quality products that make people can enjoy outdoor activities safely, comfortably and happily.
  • We are always committed to developing and providing eco-friendly products.
  • We recognize that we can contribute to the nature and the society through above two principles.

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